This is a new implementation of RetroForth and a little virtual computer (named ilo) to run it.


* dual stack architecture

* 64k cells of word addressed (32-bit) memory

* 30 instructions

* four instructions per word

* block storage device (1k cells per block)

* direct threaded retroforth image

* includes a block editor and sample blocks

* runs in as little as 384k of RAM

* optional framebuffer display

The source and documentation are distributed under the ISC license.


Get the snapshot, uncompress, and run the appropriate binary for your system.

Latest Snapshot (image, blocks, vm binaries, vm source)

Source Repositories

Currently the full source tree can only be obtained via either Fossil or git:

    # fossil
    fossil clone retro-ilo.fossil
    mkdir retro-ilo; cd retro-ilo
    fossil open ../retro-ilo.fossil

    # git
    git clone
    cd retro-ilo

The Other Systems

RetroForth implementations run on three virtual computers: ilo, napia, and nga. The ilo system is the smallest of the three.